UP leader Theo Heyliger: No coalitions “Our goal is a strong UP government”

POSTED: 03/25/14 8:48 PM

St. Maarten – Leader of the United People’s (UP) party and Member of Parliament Theo Heyliger said that if given the mandate by the people in the 2014 elections, he would become Prime Minister. In 2010, Heyliger received the most personal votes of any candidate in the elections, with 2967 votes.

“This in an incredible sight,” Heyliger said to the packed hall at the Celebration Palace on Bush Road Sunday under the theme, We Ready, for the party’s congress. “It takes me immediately back to the founding days of this green party when so many believe it was just a ripple in the ocean. Today, we are more like all the water in the sea.”

Heyliger stated point blank to the gathered audience that “our goal is not that of coalition, but that of a strong UP government. A government with the backing of a UP majority in parliament, an unshakable majority that will ensure St. Maarten has stability in governance for the next four years with UP representatives, whose motivation, collectively, not individually, is taking care of St. Maarten. No changes. No shifts.”

“My life has been about service to the St. Maarten people. UP was founded on that principle – service and representation of the people of this great island,” Heyliger said. “UP members and supporters are loyal. You have proven and continue to prove your belief in progress, from the first day of this party, many falsely believed would have faltered, to today’s gathering of pure green energy revving to forge ahead to give St. Maarten the stable and long term government she and her people deserve,” Heyliger continued..

“We are in an election year, a crucial election year that requires every single UP member to understand fully that the future of St. Maarten is in their hands. This election campaign must be a collective effort of the UP, not a singular fight of individual members or candidates. We, now more than ever, must team UP,” Heyliger said to the audience.

He emphasized the party’s motto, “We are ready for the battle of the 2014 election campaign. All members, supporters and, most of all, potential candidates must be ready for the onslaught of mudslinging and politics of defection that will come for those opposing UP,” Heyliger warned.

“Our focus, collectively leading up to Election Day, must be on recruiting every single UP supporter to campaign for the goal of a strong UP government. It is important for each of us to realise that our energies should not be on convincing UP voters to vote for a particular candidate on the UP slate once that is announced, but to work tirelessly on convincing non-UP supporters to join UP and vote green come Election Day. Our aim must be on four years of an unshakable, stable UP government that will allow us to tackle and solve as many of the country’s social and economic needs.

“We are ready! We are ready to be an unstoppable train of building each other up and bettering our country, instead of an alliance (national or otherwise) of tearing each other down to hold on to power when a different call is made. Yes, we must get it right, because once and for all, we as a people have to grasp and create opportunities to keep moving our St. Maarten, our lives, and the future of our children UP!” Heyliger concluded to the gathering.


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UP leader Theo Heyliger: No coalitions “Our goal is a strong UP government” by

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