NA-leader William Marlin: “No guarantee for election date”

POSTED: 03/21/14 7:52 PM

St. Maarten – “There is no guarantee when elections will be held,” National Alliance leader William Marlin said at a press conference yesterday morning. “We said already a year ago to dissolve the Parliament and we still stand by it. The people have been ready for more than a year now to get an opportunity to go to the ballot.”

Marlin said that when St. Maarten was an island territory, it was clear to the people when a new government would take office. “That was on July 2, and it was not possible to dissolve the Island Council. Now we have a Parliament and that can be dissolved. In 2013, we had a situation where five ministers decided to dissolve the Parliament. That decision was not carried out – and now we are one year further.”

Marlin said that according to the prime minister it is not possible to have early elections, while the leader of the UP, Theo Heyliger, favors this to stay away from the hurricane season.

The Parliament could pass a motion of no-confidence against the government, Marlin said. If that happens, a scenario with a caretaker government that continues until elections in September “is not good for St. Maarten,” he said.

What should happen in such a situation, Marlin added, is consultation with the governor. “The governor would then have to take the decision to dissolve the Parliament.”

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