Editorial: Why bother?

POSTED: 03/21/14 6:43 PM

Before the summer or after the summer? That is the question raging through election land right now.

From the presentation by Prime Minister Wescot-Williams we understand that the regular procedure will lead to elections on Friday, September 5.

There is no way to bend the existing legislation in such a way that these elections could take place much earlier.

The only shortcut to earlier elections is when the government dissolves the Parliament. If this happened by April 1, elections are possible on June 8.

The question is whether politicians should make such a big thing out of this. The country has more important issues to deal with and the electorate already has the unmistakable feeling that politicians are letting them down big time. Why add salt to self-inflicted wounds?

We have the feeling that the rumored attempt to bring down the government will damage the country’s image and that nobody will benefit from it. Why bother?

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