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POSTED: 03/19/14 10:14 AM

Prisoners in Zwolle and Veenhuizen are getting an interesting job from Justice and Safety State Secretary Fred Teeven. They are going to produce the 731 cell doors for a new prison in Zaanstad. The inmates will work for a company with the slightly funny name In-Made, the production company of the Department for Judicial Facilities.

In-Made won the bid for the project in Zaanstad that must replace the old Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam. The inmates that will do the job are detained elsewhere in the country, in Zwolle and in Veenhuizen. The latter facility houses a lot of people with a conviction for driving under the influence. We’re not sure whether that is a good or a bad omen.

According to the justice department, the doors meet all standards and they will be tested during every phase of the production process by external and independent parties.

Inmates are cheaper than laborers that are not in prison, but their work obviously has to be supervised. Producing the doors will take around 20,000 man-hours (2,500 8-hour working days for one man).

There are 129 prisons left in the Netherlands and in all prisons inmates work for In-Made. Every prison has one or more specialization. The inmates produce garden furniture, bicycles, wooden toys, but also fences, soccer cages, goals and equipment for sports facilities. In some prisons, inmates bake bread.

We’re just thinking here – don’t we have a renovation project underway in Pointe Blanche? What is the role that our inmates are playing there?

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