Editorial: Arrival of Attorney-General Guus Schram

POSTED: 03/17/14 6:38 PM

With the arrival of Guus Schram as the successor of Attorney-General Dick Piar crime fighting in St. Maarten and Curacao has entered a new era. It is obviously too early to assess whether the new man will do a better job than his predecessor, but it seems fair to say that he will do the job in a different way.

Schram had two important messages in the interview we publish today. The first one is that he puts St. Maarten and Curacao on equal footing.

The second one is that he has no ties on either island and that this will enable him to make decisions based on merit.

Schram’s experience in fighting organized crime, dealing with human trafficking and money laundering as well as handling large integrity-investigations is more than welcome in St. Maarten.

Practical results will obviously take time but feeling the winds of change may already make a difference.


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Editorial: Arrival of Attorney-General Guus Schram by
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