St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce celebrates 35th anniversary in style

POSTED: 03/13/14 1:49 PM

St. Maarten – For the past 35 years, the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry has acted as the sole representative for the growing business community on St. Maarten and in a simple but yet significant ceremony yesterday, that milestone was celebrated.

Governor Eugène Holiday was among the special list of invitees that attended the short ceremony where the new banner at the entrance of the building was unveiled followed by the traditional toasting.

Tamara Leonard, president of the Chamber, expressed her heart felt gratitude to the business community and first pointed out that for the past 35 years the chamber has been on a steady growth in achieving its purpose and its recognition.

“Today marks the day in respect to the opening of the first Chamber of Commerce on St Maarten and I would like to thank the past board of directors, the present board for their dedication and support along with the members of the business community who are registered with us as we celebrate this anniversary,” she said.

The media was invited to tour the new look facility where lots of changes have been made and that includes a customer friendly lobby and gone are the days of the old sliding cabinets, they have since been replaced by a more state of the art walk-in filing system.

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  1. Karl says:

    Hi, my Family owned the Taylor Inn, I was just on here looking to see old pcurites of it. I have some pcurites of it being built, I have some with old cars parked in front of it, I still have an old wooden chair from it and I have dishes from it that I still use everyday !! lol. I would like to see pcurites of the inside.

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