Opinion: Stop blaming the white man

POSTED: 03/12/14 6:07 PM

Dear editor,

St. Martin is becoming more complex than ever. Most people who are living in St. Martin for the last 20 years see St. Martin different from how the native St. Martin people that care for St. Martin see life. The future of St. Martin is not bright. But for others it may be or can be. If we talking love of country and love of native St. Martin people the future almost cease to exist. Thanks to DP, UP, and National Alliance and all short sited native St. Martin people who put political party before God and country.

I had a discussion with a family member of mine that cause me to write this article. First he said he understands what we are doing, but we are dividing our black people because the white European is at fault. So I asked him did the white man allow illegal immigrants to overflow St. Martin? Did the white European make our lovely salt pond a dump? Was it the white American or European who told the hotel owners 40 years ago not to pay the real native St. Martin people too much of money?

As a real native St. Martin man I am married to a Guyanese lady, but I hold on to my St. Martin values. I do not blame the white man. St. Martin men and woman that are married to foreigners drop their values and let these people dominate them with their culture, some women and men let foreigners beat them up in their own home and these foreigners are black people. Is that the white man fault? Haitians, Jamaicans, and Dominicans take over villages in parts of St. Martin with their culture that have the weak St. Martin people run out of their neighborhood. Is that the white man’s fault?

Our St. Martin people foolishly allow political parties they voted for to destroy them and instead of learning from the past they blame the white man. Some believe we should go back to Africa. Some say unity for all black people is the key. If you believe in that why then politics among our own native black people is destroying our families? That is hypocritical. Africa is a rich continent where different black tribes are killing each other, they are much worse off in St. Martin. Is that the white man fault also? The politician Bosman wants to stop people of Aruba, Curacao, and St. Martin from coming to Holland, and yes I agree with him. Fix the mess in your black country and leave the white man country alone. But the same people that blame the white man want his passport and love going to Holland, America, and France. Is that the white man’s fault also?

Many of our own black men treat our women like whores, and make 7 or 8 children by different women. This creates poverty. Oh God, I guess this is the white man’s fault also? Our young black men call each other niggers and dog and call our black women bitches. Is that the white man’s fault also? When black people and our native St. Martin people understand that we are responsible for our actions then we are on our way to becoming independent. Stop blaming the white man for your failures. It is we who fail ourselves.

Conclusion, if you are still blaming the white man for what happened 300 years ago (slavery) then it is you who are a jackass for holding on to the past and not learning from it. In America black on black crime is what is destroying the black man. In Africa black tribal war is destroying the black man. Do you still think the white man is at fault? Strange, now that St. Martin has more autonomy it is now we are becoming more extinct. Hahahahah, I guess it is the white man’s fault? But the Patriot knows better than that. It is we to blame. The truth at times is not nice to hear but it is still the truth.

The Patriot Miguel Arrindell


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