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POSTED: 03/12/14 5:51 PM

Dear Editor,

With your permission, let me share a pressing concern with you and your reading public.

Those of us who are still driving with yellow number plates are guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. So Rollocks why this article now, one would ask, considering we were already granted an extension.

On Sunday afternoon while cruising around with my buddy Antonio Brown this issue came up, and suddenly I realized that not all of us who are guilty, are so due to our own stupidity.

I drove from the roundabout at Zagersgut to the entrance of Madame Estate and in less than 5 minutes I counted 20 plus cars with the old yellow number plates. This on a slow Sunday afternoon. Count for yourself.

One of the first things Brown remarked was that the deadline is usually the end of March. As the discussion continued, I realized that the issue has several sides to it.

Most importantly, the renewing of the plates is very good for the economy. But as the old adage goes, too much business is bad business.

While moving around, and getting my car ready I realized that all the car parts stores were mostly jammed to capacity. They were either busy selling parts or ordering unavailable parts, which in turn will take at least a week to be here. Any mechanic that is worth anything at all had more business than they had seen in months, just not enough hands for the amount of repairs.

The insurance business, well when I visited my broker, the lady said: “Boy Rollocks, let me go get a new receipt book, this is my third in two days.”

Reader, I won’t even burden you with the congestion at the receiver’s office.

Well the inspection center, those poor workers really are working under an awesome amount of pressure, as they have to deal with some of the nicest people in the world and some of the most disagreeable human beings God created.

Overall, the problem is a lack of man power, certain assets and resources, and a need for more time.

In closing, reader I am here appealing to the Minister of Finance and our parliamentarians to give us until end of March to finalize this process.

Some of us can barely pay for the number plates, insurance etcetera, much less the fines. And we most definitely can’t have our precious transportation impounded, as we must go to work, and pick up and drop our kids.

So while we are guilty, please give us a little chance until end of March. Naturally those of us caught on the first of April will realize that it is not an All Fool’s Day joke, but serious business.

Julian Rollocks



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