Editorial: No quorum

POSTED: 03/11/14 12:13 AM

It is clear that the government coalition does not feel a lot like having a discussion in parliament about perceived irregularities at the airport. All parliamentarians that support the coalition – including independent MP Patrick Illidge and NA-runaway Dr. Lloyd Richardson – stayed at home yesterday morning, thereby withholding the quorum needed for the meeting to take place.

One may well wonder what the point of this strategy is and what the absent MPs expect to achieve this way. The meeting will take place anyway sooner or later, with or without them.

That the National Alliance has orchestrated the cloud of suspicion that now hangs over the airport by leaking information via its policy advisor Christopher Emanuel is clear to everyone, but does it really matter?

The most important step now is to clear up misunderstandings, to provide correct information and to correct any possible wrongdoings. The best way to achieve this is to show up for meetings, even if they are set up by one’s political adversaries.

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