Life in the fast food lane

POSTED: 03/5/14 10:21 AM

Life is tough in the fast food industry. Just ask the manager of a McD in Paicoma, Ca. what it’s like. A customer who received only one napkin with his meal – plus a free racist remark -whacked his franchise with a $1.5 million lawsuit.

Webster Lucas filed the lawsuit after a discussion with the manager got out of control. Lucas claims that the staff gave him only one napkin and that the manager refused to give him an additional one. He told the customer something that must equal the truth: he has already received a napkin.

Lucas, a black American, claims that the manager then made some racist remarks and had mumbled something like “your kind of people.” In a letter to the management, Lucas even claims that he became unfit for work due to the mental and emotional damage he sustained from the treatment.

Hm, maybe time to warn the lady we spotted last Saturday in the Super U Supermarket in the Howell Center on the French side. She wore a tee shirt with the text: “Because of people like you people like me need medication.”

She did not look drugged out or anything and the tee shirt struck us as slightly funny. Good thing Webster Lucas does not live in Marigot.

The United States is the Walhalla for frivolous lawsuits. In 2008, a woman in Manhattan demanded $3 million from Starbucks after sustaining serious burn wounds from a cup of tea she had spilled on herself. She claimed that the cup was broken. In 2007, a man demanded $65 million in damages from a local dry cleaner after they lost one of his trousers. These cases make nice headlines, but they do not bring the plaintiffs any money. Instead, the publicity reveals their greed and their petty mind. We figure that Webster Lucas belongs in the same category.

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