Editorial: Protecting our wetlands

POSTED: 03/3/14 2:37 PM

The initiative to have Mullet Pond and the last remaining wetlands on the island turned into protected parks under the Ramsar Convention of 1971 is good thing and a move in the right direction. It will, hopefully, protect the legacy of the island’s natural heritage for generations to come. So much of that heritage, sadly, has already been lost.

It’s not just for the well-being and health of the island’s people, but also wise for its economy. After all, no one is going to come and visit a place where its natural beauty has been ravaged due to carelessness or outright greed.

Now that St. Maarten has its own Parliament and Council of Ministers, it can do so much more to safeguard its natural resources than when it was part of the dysfunctional Netherlands Antilles.

The next move government should make is to protect the wetlands in Belair, which is one of the last remaining wetlands on the Dutch side.

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Editorial: Protecting our wetlands by
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