Editorial: Keep it up

POSTED: 03/3/14 2:27 PM

According to a press release from the House of Nehesi (see front page story), at least 100 books have been published on or about St. Maarten in the last 30 years, compared to a paltry 15 over the last few centuries. We think that is something heading in the right direction.

There has been a paucity of books written about St. Maarten in general. Good luck trying to find authoritative, well written and researched books about the island’s history, culture, politics, and economy. Most non-fiction works on St. Maarten happen to be in Dutch, and even they are few and far between.

Hopefully, this will change with the increasing amount of educated young St. Maarteners who have a local publishing house that would be willing to take them on.

There is so much of our story to yet to be told. And it may be safe to assume that there are so many out there, both domestically and internationally, who want to listen to it or read it. At any rate, keep publishing those books.

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