A culture of slaves

POSTED: 03/3/14 2:29 PM

Families are trapped in poverty by having to pay ‘excessive’ amounts of tax. It is a disgrace the amount of people left so destitute on St. Maarten today that they have to turn to prostitution, begging, welfare, churches and other charity food banks for help while the politicians and their friends are becoming richer and richer, and our tax system is penalizing the people who are struggling to make ends meet.

There are families with one person working, paying what is considered to be an exorbitant burden of tax so they stay in poverty. Some that have two family members, mothers and fathers working are being so excessively taxed that both incomes at the end of the day after taxes are not equivalent to one income. Mothers are unable to stay at home to raise their children. Studies show that children are more likely to do worse at school, become juvenile delinquents, unemployed and to suffer mental stress than youngsters whose mothers stay at home to bring them up.

Our system of cronyism and crony capitalism is only benefiting a few while subjecting the wider population to poverty; crony capitalism is the marriage of the state and private special interests “state owned companies and some large private sector corporations”. Some people have called it Corporatism, Mercantilism, Fascism, or even Communism; I personally like to call it Kleptism; an economic system run by and for Kleptocrats. By whatever name we call it, it is phony capitalism.

While our politicians are enriching themselves, they are subjecting the wider population to handouts and welfare slavery. The problems we’re facing today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by the people that vote for a living; the cycle of dependency and poverty will continue in order to keep the Klepocrats in power.

Yet, the welfare slaves will continue to blindly follow and vote for the socialists who promise them more free stuff. I call them “the welfare slaves” because those who are dependent upon a socialist government are trapped in a perpetual state of bare existence and poverty. What else would you call a person who has no hope of self-improvement but has to look to the rich and powerful to provide their most basic needs? I call that person a slave. This is exactly what our big-government socialism is producing in St. Maarten/St. Martin, a culture of slaves.

As welfare slaves we have been conditioned to despise the very thing that can help us rise from poverty and injustice—–personal responsibility and free enterprise unencumbered by excessive burdensome taxes and government controls. When government offers to provide for us that which we should provide for ourselves, we are being asked to give up our freedom. A good government is responsible to protect our freedom; it is not responsible to meet our needs. If we look to our government to meet our needs, we will remain a slave. Our present immigration policies are also only dumbing down and ghettoizing our county by encouraging more immigrant welfare slaves. Just look at what is happening to our schools and other welfare/social programs.

There is this little 95 year old lady living down the road from me that has worked all her life to own her home, have been collecting old age pension for about 30 years, she also has a couple of small apartments rented at her home to supplement her income. Well folks, a government marshal recently visited her at her home, not the old people’s home, and told her that they have put a lien on her home for taxes. How could anyone that is retired for over 30 years still owe taxes? Similar situations like this are happening all over Dutch St. Maarten daily. Work your whole life to achieve and acquire a little something and our socialist government would leave you homeless and penny-less before you die.

What has the red-tread, the white-line or the green-giant done for us so far, besides keeping us in a perpetual cycle of dependency and poverty? You will hear them again during this election cycle with slogans like “prosperity for all” which only means “prosperity for me, me, and I”. Teach a man to fish and he would eat and feed others during his entire lifetime; give a man another man’s fish and he will vote for Kleptocrats for the rest of his life.

Poverty can only be fought through open and free markets, never through handouts and dependency. Cronyism; is producing more poor families on St. Maarten every day, and the price we are paying for apathy towards public affairs is resulting in the rule of evil men and women.

Good day!

Peter Gunn




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