Seven years for attempted murder on Devon Otto

POSTED: 02/27/14 12:54 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in first Instance sentenced two men to 7 years of imprisonment yesterday for attempted murder on their fellow-inmate Devon Otto on July 20 of last year. Nashon Elwin Francis (29) and Carnicio David Warno (33) attacked Otto with a machete. They caused him such injuries to his arms and head that he had to be transported for treatment to the St. Maarten Medical Center, where he was not communicative for investigators for several days. The verdict is one year lower than the demand the prosecution made at the trial on February 5.

The court ruled that the two defendants had attempted to murder Otto with an improvised weapon – a machete – with which they hit him on his body and his head. “The victim was suddenly ambushed by the suspects. The attack was well prepared and coordinated,” the court ruling states.

While the court acknowledged that the victim “radiates threat and intimidation,” it found no evidence that the defendants did not have another way to react than with the extreme violence they applied. “This reaction has been the choice of the defendants,” the court noted.

Francis told investigators loud and clears on the day of the attack why he had gone after Otto. “I just decided to go after Otto; I had had it with him. This was something I had planned. Since Otto had sent somebody to slap me, I decided I was not gonna put up with it so I made a machete, especially for Otto.”

Francis furthermore explained what he had in mind to the detective: “When I saw Otto I decided to react. What I mean by that is that I wanted to get rid of him, I wanted to chop him up, hurt him, even kill him, whatever. With Otto, you can make no jokes; he is a very dangerous guy. I have even dreamed about what I was going to do with Otto before all this happened. It was either Otto or me who was going to die.”

Francis was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment in 2011 for several violent crimes and threats.

Devon Otto was sentenced on appeal to 30 years in 2011 – 6 years more than the court in First Instance had imposed earlier that year. Later Otto was sentenced to an additional 9 years for a shooting in the prison in Curacao.

In St. Maarten, Otto He made an attempt on the life of Louis A. Richardson, aka Sticky on March 21, 2008, robbed three American tourists on March 26 and murdered Stanley Orlando Gumbs in a case of mistaken identity ten days later.

Because he was unmanageable in Pointe Blanche, Otto was transferred to Curacao where, in 2012, he shot and seriously wounded two inmates. After Curacao sent him back to St. Maarten, then Justice Minister Roland Duncan wanted to move Otto to a maximum-security prison in the Netherlands but until now, Otto is for the foreseeable future in Pointe Blanche.



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