Reader’s Opinion: Election fraud postponement

POSTED: 02/27/14 12:19 AM

Dear Editor,

The public prosecutor said the case (UP voting buying allegations – Ed.) was not a difficult one. If this was the case, then why the postponement for 2 months? Why isn’t justice doing time?

Now we have seen it all in St. Maarten. Like Michael Ferrier said in a commercial. If it’s ok for a supermarket to sell car products, why can’t he sell food?

The court apparently has taken on the wave of society. Now judges want to be prosecutors. If a judge can be a prosecutor I say we stop paying prosecutors to prosecute and save ourselves some money. Let the judge do it!

Is Corr Merx right? Yes he is! Because judge should handle a case as it is delivered to him. If the judge has questions they should be asked directly in court.

L. Arrindell


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