Editorial: No policy

POSTED: 02/27/14 12:56 PM

The government has no policy in place that regulates what happens when a brief case is stolen from a civil servant during a business trip. Therefore, every case will be judged separately.

One may wonder whether this is a wise approach, after today broke the story that the chairman of the board at the airport received almost $8,000 in compensation for his stolen briefcase.

Employers are not obliged to do this, according to a ruling from the Supreme Court. Especially when the theft is due to neglect, employees are on their own.

However, when companies like the airport start granting generous compensation to one of their own, others may well wonder: why does this not apply to me?

One could also imagine how many briefcases would be lost or stolen if the government set up a compensation system as generous as the one that apparently prevails at the airport.

It seems therefore prudent – and cheaper – to leave this issue alone with a simple reference to the Supreme Court ruling and to forbid government-owned companies from taking a different approach.

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