Reader’s Opinion: A giant amongst the boys

POSTED: 02/18/14 11:37 AM

Political association is everyone’s right. But let it be known, so that people reading articles (in this case editorial commentary) know from which bias the writer comes. The article “Sustainable Development” on the Opinion and Commentary pages of the Today of Saturday, February 15, is nothing more and nothing less than a UPP propaganda piece written by the editorial staff of that newspaper. On page 4 of the Today Vol 15, No 39 we read that on the editorial staff is at least one person with very close family ties to the Green party, DP’s Coalition partner for the second time in less than 4 years. So attacking the DP (Claude Wathey’s Pride and Joy for 40+ years) is not only not appropriate, but also very wrong on many levels. Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams’ record on sustainable development is clear and can withstand scrutiny. Note that we understand Sustainable Development to be the as-perfect-as-possible balance between:

1) Economic Development

2) Environmental Sustainability

3) Social Development

4) Governance.

If you want to put in context what the DP did or did not do for “Sustainable Development” and insist on blaming the DP and our PM for all that is not right on St. Maarten today, then you must also give the DP credit for all that is good on the island and the reason why so many persons from other countries have flocked to our shores. Based on above mentioned “balance”, if you want to say that the DP focused more on Economic Development, sometimes to the detriment of the Environment pillar, we say “Mea Culpa”, but in the same breath we say: St. Maarten is what it is today because of the DP approach, led by Claude Wathey for 40 years and subsequently by Sarah for 20 years and counting.

The DP heading for the “history books” may be the wish of some, but the truth is that PM Sarah Wescot-Williams has proven to be a giant amongst the boys and because of her management skills, was able to hold together all governments we have had since 10/10/10. Sarah and the Democratic Party are the only consistent components in what up to now has been a turbulent political environment for young, fledgling Country St. Maarten.

Q: If. DP Leader Sarah Wescot-Williams is so bad, why has she been Prime Minister in St. Maarten’s Government 1, Government 2, Government 3 and poised to become Prime Minister in Government 4?

A: Because she represents the Red Thread that for 60 years now has held St. Maarten together!


Michael J. Ferrier

President of the Democratic Party of St. Maarten.

Editorial note:

Today prides itself in being the only independent newspaper in St. Maarten with no affiliation to any political party. Today is also a platform where any reader is free to express his or her opinion.


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