Editorial: Second-class citizens

POSTED: 02/12/14 10:41 AM

The position paper the government released yesterday about the Bosman-law comes on top of the negative advice from the Dutch Council of State and it feels very much like the final nail in the coffin of this unfortunate initiative.

Bosman has been comparing apples and oranges by making it look like Antillean criminal suspects are more than the Dutch society can bear, while the reality is that other groups (like Moroccans) outnumber them almost 3:1.

It is also true that more than 100,000 Caribbean Dutch citizens living in the Netherlands are not causing any problems at all. They do not fit in the image Bosman wants to create with his initiative law.

That the initiative will buckle under all the criticism it has received on both sides of the ocean seems a forgone conclusion. What remains is a bitter taste and the impression that some – but thankfully not all – politicians in the Netherlands consider their brethren in the Caribbean as second-class citizens. That wound will take a long time to heal.

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