Dozens of Dutch fugitives take refuge on islands

POSTED: 02/5/14 11:53 AM

WILLEMSTAD, GREAT BAY– At least thirty criminals who should be serving a prison sentence in the Netherlands are lurking in Curacao, Aruba, and St. Maarten. The criminals committed their crimes in the Netherlands. This is according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

One of these fugitives, Melfrin K., was arrested on Wednesday in Curacao because of his 2007 conviction for a shooting incident. Before the shooting, he was sentenced for other offences as well. In the case of fugitive criminals, it often involves smuggling, drugs, and violent offenses. According to the newspaper the Curacao authorities refused last year to work on a “cleanup” because it feared raids and persecutions on the island.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Curacao did not respond to the question of why the action was canceled.

The hiding place of the 29 year old Melfrin K. was found out on Wednesday of last week. He was arrested at the request of authorities in the Netherlands. K. was nabbed at a construction site in Montaña. He was arraigned on the spot and put on a plane to the Netherlands this week.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office on St. Maarten could not be reached for further comment on the story in De Telegraaf.

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Dozens of Dutch fugitives take refuge on islands by

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