Editorial: No alternatives

POSTED: 02/4/14 12:36 PM

We read somewhere that MP Louie Laveist disagrees with the double SZV-premium employees will have to pay this year. That is of course possible, but Laveist stretched the truth a bit by claiming that this measure has been taken without the approval of Parliament.

This is obviously incorrect: the measure is part of the 2014 budget and a majority in Parliament approved it in January. That Laveist voted against the budget is in this context irrelevant.

MP Laveist now says that there are other ways to balance the budget. That is a bit late in the day. We are sure that alternative solutions would have been more than welcome during the exhaustive budget debate. But at that time, he had no alternatives to offer.

MP Laveist wants to reverse Parliament’s decision – at least, that was his message this weekend. It is of course always possible to do something like that – as long as it happens in a budget-neutral way. We are curious to see what solution the MP has in mind.

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