TelEm merger with UTS has reached final stages

POSTED: 02/3/14 12:10 PM

St. Maarten – The merger of telecom provider TelEm with a strategic partner is close. Based on information this newspaper received the TelEm Group of companies will merge with local competitor UTS.

“The final decision has not been taken yet but we are close to the moment where the government will receive a final proposal about the partnering for TelEm,” Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams said at a recent press briefing in answer to questions from this newspaper.

Wescot-Williams declined to confirm that UTS is the definite partner of TelEm in the new structure. “I would not want to run ahead of that right now because I know there are some elements that TelEm will ask the government to consider before a final decision is taken.”

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TelEm merger with UTS has reached final stages by

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  1. watch this space says:

    What a tragedy. Back to the same business model from decades ago.
    Shows that our government is just money hungry and desperately clueless…..

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