Editorial: Ping pong ball

POSTED: 02/3/14 12:13 PM

The expansion of the medical center has become a political ping pong ball whereby politicians are jockeying for honors.

First there was Vromi-Minister Lake who stepped into the playing field of Public Health Minister De Weever with assurances about building permits and – not unimportantly – the reminder that UP-leader They Heyliger had “secured” a loan for the project.

Next – this weekend – came a press release from Minister De Weever – for the first time with an explicit reference to his membership of the Democratic Party. He pointed out – correctly – that the hospital-expansion is not the property of one particular political party.

And the loan? That remains to be seen because the financial supervisor Cft announced already in its preliminary comment on the 2014 budget the following: “It is not possible to borrow by or for the benefit of entities that operate outside of the direct sphere of influence of the government, like the SMMC.”

The borrowing capacity for the expansion has been “reserved” in the 2014 capital expenditures budget but whether the Cft will approve this remains for now an entirely different question.

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