Editorial: Integrity

POSTED: 01/31/14 12:57 AM

The integrity waters seem to be a lot less troubled these days than they were just after the Kingdom Council of Ministers issued its decree in September of last year. The government still does not agree with the way it all went down, but now the message is, get it over with. A wise approach.

We have everything to win by rapid and clean investigations – though these probes should indeed not be perceived as something similar to a criminal probe.

The two committees will work together where possible, and there is no question anymore about civil servants obstructing the work of what has now been labeled “the governor’s committee.”

Just yesterday, the governor’s cabinet announced the selection of accounting firm PWC for the job. We suppose that is as good as any other respected number crunchers firm.

At the same time, we perceive that the initial timetable of six months (counting from October 1 of last year will not be met at all. The best we could hope for is July and if that does not happen, the whole topic will probably not be done before the elections. That is okay – we’d rather have a thorough investigation than a speedy one, as long as thorough does not result in endless postponements and delays.

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