Robbery victims foil attackers: Subdued robber dies while struggling

POSTED: 01/29/14 11:32 AM

GREAT BAY – A would be robber died after being physically subdued by the victims he tried to rob during a botched home invasion in Oyster Pond yesterday around 3 pm. The victims said that while they were at home they were suddenly confronted by three unknown men who were trying to break into their residence at Oyster Pond Road 162.

Several police patrols were sent to investigate, the police said. They were told one of the suspects was caught. At the home the police encountered a family on vacation. They subdued and held one of the suspects and waited for the police to arrive. The victims repeatedly said that their captive started to resist heavily, while the other two suspects tried to get him free by throwing stones at the victims, but that didn’t succeed.

The subdued suspect continued to resist violently but the victims kept holding onto him. In the meantime, the other two suspects jumped into a small white colored vehicle and sped off towards the French side. The suspect that was caught stopped resisting after a while and remained lying on the ground.

When the investigating officers checked the suspect he was not showing any signs of life. The paramedics were immediately called and came to the scene and tried to reanimate the suspect without success.  At least three of the victims suffered minor cuts and bruises. They were treated on the scene by paramedics. The detectives and Forensic Department were informed of the situation right away and arrived at the home to question the victims and collect evidence.

Dr. Mercuur also arrived later and pronounced the death of the robber. The body has been confiscated to determine later what the exact cause of death was. The investigation is ongoing and it is still not clear yet whether charges would be laid or not against the robbery victims for the death of the suspect.

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Robbery victims foil attackers: Subdued robber dies while struggling by
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  1. concerned says:

    An attempted robber has been subdued and unfortunately…died as a result of his submission…i daringly attempt at the assumption of strangulation from a neckhold . Be it as it may…a determination as to the exact cause of death is agreeably required but i wonder if any charges would be warranted regaredless of the result. Any defense of a household should be protected and advised . Too many times the resident becomes the unfortunate fatal victim in order to respect the law and afford these criminals more rights. A law to defend ones home at any costmor by any means neccessary should be written into law which will definately reduce the rate of home invasions. I agree that promoting this form of defense may be viewed as promoting violence but perpetrators of home invasions does not have respect of law nor of
    other peoples property and at times…lives. Should the law abiding citizens then give much consideration to the invaders over themselves and allow the opportunity to be victimized to the chance of such act to be fatal to them or should it not be more appropriate to leave no such chance and make thier defense offensive in the stead. Much consideration would be given by these criminals before breaking and entering homes…am sure

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