Prime Minister congratulates people on Causeway: “A great day for St. Maarten”

POSTED: 01/29/14 11:33 AM

St. Maarten – “The Causeway has been a part of the infrastructural plan for this island for many years and it is my pleasure to congratulate all the persons who have been a part of and who have stood behind the vision of the Causeway and pushed for its successful completion notwithstanding the circumstances,” Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams said in a press release yesterday regarding the inauguration of the Simpson Bay Causeway over the weekend. “Much has been said regarding the coming together of people and ideas for this Causeway and indeed it has been long in waiting to ensure that all of the entities were consulted and involved.”

The Prime Minister congratulated not only the principals of the project, but also highlighted “the need for positive cooperation in building St. Maarten step by step, block by block,” the press release said.

“As we think of the Causeway we must congratulate the signing Minister at the time Member of Parliament the Honorable Theodore Heyliger for his vision in realizing this project. The Democratic Party for a very short time was in the opposition and then indeed we asked ourselves questions regarding the Causeway, questions such as when will it materialize, what were the impacts etc.,” the Prime Minister said, in reference to criticism of the bridge coming from the then opposition Democratic Party in the Island Council before the 2010 status change.

“However, when the first government of country St. Maarten was formed under the motto of On a Foundation of Hope, standing prominently on that program was the completion of the Causeway over the lagoon and I would like to say again thank you to those who saw it possible and continued to work on it,” the Prime Minister explained.

“The opening of the Causeway was indeed a great day for St. Maarten.  I have also noted how the Harbor Group of Companies and SLAC have partnered with various stakeholders to oversee the management of the Simpson Bay Lagoon and encourage the organization to continue to move towards that direction.

“Some weeks ago my siblings and myself learned that my mother who lives and hails from Simpson Bay was wheeled by hand by a young man who works at the Causeway so that she may get a first hand look at our newest landmark. My mother is ninety-three years old and stood on this causeway and was able to look over the Simpson Bay Lagoon, which has shaped the identity of St. Maarten since the very beginning.

“Especially without the confidence of the people of St. Maarten this project would have not had had the successful completion that it currently has. We would not have had the resilience of our people to talk amongst one another and together come to the realization that this island has something so unique on St. Maarten that notwithstanding all the issues this was possible. The people of St. Maarten deserve all the congratulations and should continue to recognize that St. Maarten is the most unique island on earth. We must continue to have a positive attitude and not focus on negativity but on building our nation,” the Prime Minister concluded in her press release.

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Prime Minister congratulates people on Causeway: “A great day for St. Maarten” by
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