Opinion: Dr. Richardson should resign as MP

POSTED: 01/28/14 11:58 AM

Dear editor,

I read Dr Lloyd Richardson’s statement and I must say that his main reason for jumping ship is in my opinion weak and strange. Doctor Richardson is acting as if he is a clairvoyant. I wonder what he will do if his new party does not obtain a clear majority in the upcoming election for parliament.

He stated that he is not interested in another coalition government for St. Maarten, but at the same time he left the party that obtained the most votes and the most seats in the election held in 2010 and stand a better chance in obtaining an outright majority in parliament, for a party that got fewer votes and fewer seats. Something is wrong with Dr Richardson’s arithmetic skills.

I consider the doctor to be a person of integrity and so I have a few questions for him. Why didn’t the doctor resign as a Member of Parliament and show political maturity and distinguish himself from the other “jumpers”. The doctor did not achieve his seat in parliament through preferential votes, but on the merits of the party that he left.

According to a learned St. Maartener, Julio Romney, you are an elected non elected parliamentarian and as such the seat that you are so dearly holding on to, belongs to the National Alliance that you quit. Doctor are you not bothered by the fact that the party, that you have affiliated yourself with, is led by someone who over the last few years has been accused of allegedly buying votes, bribing a parliamentarian, and orchestrating the videotaping of an alleged bribery of a parliamentarian with the intention to use the video against the parliamentarian?

Do these alleged accusations tell you anything about the qualities of your new political leader, and if not why not? Doctor don’t you believe that by holding on to your seat in parliament and affiliating yourself with the United People Party, you have tarnished your standing in this community as someone who is considered to be integer?

Todd Peterson


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