Reader’s Letter: St. Maarten roads 2

POSTED: 01/27/14 12:49 PM

Dear Editor,

How many times have I spoken with Minister Maurice Lake of VROMI who has only promised to do something about Union Road in Cole Bay where, as I predicted, would become overly congested now that the causeway is open, we now have 2 major traffic jams to deal with all day and all in Cole Bay. The residents of Cole Bay simply cannot wait any longer, we need to get the water from constantly running and settling on the roads and pave the roads. Children go to school there and have to get out of and in buses and cars in a pool of water in front their school for so many years now. I myself had to install a simple drainage system with a pump which I am paying for to keep sewage water from constantly flowing in front of our property, government is non-existent. No relief at all.

The patch work that has been recently carried on the road was done so sloppy that you constantly find yourself being jolted up and down, up and down in your vehicle so imagine what your car is going through. Is government really paying for this worthless work? A total humiliating way of wasting the tax payer’s money and everyone in government is to blame for this waste not only Mr. Lake but most of all the Minister of Finance who signs the payment orders. Government is totally out-of-control with no brakes and no insurance.

Look what was done to Welfare Road where the drainage was put on the wrong side of the road and the road in Middle Region which was done with the purpose of wrecking ones vehicles, a total waste of time and money. Please do the right thing for Union Road. We also need to get in and out of our drive ways on Union Road, nobody giving you a chance, you know! By the way, take a drive on Well Road and witness the wonderful job that was done there too. Where the hell is government??

Norman Chester Wathey


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