Reader’s Letter: Frustrated driver

POSTED: 01/22/14 1:27 PM

Dear Editor,

It’s really getting more and more  inconvenient and extremely costly for the motoring public to continuously have to bear with the deplorable conditions of and lost-of-time congestions on our deteriorating roads here in “touristic” St. Maarten/Saint-Martin. Our patched-up “governments” have resorted to patching potholes as more and more become existent due to the constant amount of all types of water running on them with no end in sight.

Many may tend to say, oh it’s like that all over the world so St. Maarten/Saint-Martin is not immune from the problems and then again since there’s no one in government who is really listening or give a darn about what people must endure, I rest my case!

Norman Chester Wathey
Road Dependent

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Reader's Letter: Frustrated driver by
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