Editorial: Get it Louie?

POSTED: 01/16/14 2:51 PM

Member of Parliament Louie Laveist began his address to parliament yesterday by stating, “the Today Newspaper had misquoted me.”

MP Laveist then quoted from our editorial that appeared on this page on Tuesday – and that particular piece did not contain a single quote attributed to him.

The MP went on to say that he considers the salary cut all cabinet members took is nothing more than a gimmick, that ministers have many more perks than parliamentarians and that he had a problem with the way the cabinet went about this issue, “knowing the ramifications.”

Those ramifications would be that the electorate now expects MPs to follow suit. MP Laveist would have preferred a powwow with the cabinet to find consensus on this issue. At the same time, we understand that he would need to talk to his financiers if he were to get a salary cut.

Well, that is understandable. Get it Today? MP Laveist closed off this issue.

Yes, MP Laveist we got it all along. We understand that such a salary cut will not solve the country’s financial problems and that is could cause problems to those who are financed up to their eyeballs.

However, this salary cut is not a gimmick, it is simply the right thing to do.

Get it, Louie?

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