Another former National Alliance candidate launches party

POSTED: 01/15/14 11:54 AM

“Policy of Social Reform is to benefit entire country”

St. Maarten – Under the theme Sovereignty, Economy, Equal Opportunity, former National Alliance candidate Jacinto Mock, who ran with the party in the 2010 Parliamentary elections, officially launched his political party, Social Reform Party, at the John Larmonie Cultural Center in Philipsburg yesterday, with drinks and food served outside afterward, along with music.

“The policy of Social Reform is to benefit the entire country,” Mock said as he spoke to a gathered crowd of around 40 to 50 people curious about the party’s platform. He said the problems facing St. Maarten lay “with our fiscal policies and political status with the Netherlands.”

Mock joins other former National Alliance candidates who have left the party for one reason or another, with the most recent defection being Terry Peterson, who resigned the day before. When asked why he decided to leave the National Alliance, Mock said he was disenchanted with its internal policies and felt his calls often went unanswered, echoing sentiments felt by Peterson in his letter to its leader William Marlin.

“With a sense of urgency, our economy has worsened,” Mock explained, saying that the middle class is complaining that prices are rising leaving little to no room for savings. He also said many are complaining about home prices, which too are rising. He said that the larger political parties “are lacking in policies,” and that Social Reform seeks the “equal distribution of prosperity.”

Mock currently has one candidate running with him, Keith Hanson, an ITT worker at the St. Maarten Medical Center. Mock described him as a “man of good character,” who has worked with the youth of St. Maarten. Hanson said that while he’s seen St. Maarten develop economically, “I haven’t seen our people develop.”

Mock said that the party has a “rolling admissions” and applications for candidates are welcome. Those interested can look up Jacinto Mock on Facebook.

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