Editorial: Follow suit

POSTED: 01/14/14 12:45 PM

You have to be from a special planet to find fault with the decisions by members of the cabinet to cut their own salaries by 30,000 guilders. Yet MP Louie Laveist found reason to say the decision disgusted him.

It is not at all difficult to figure out where that remark came from. The ministers have set an example – as they should – and now at least one Member of Parliament feels that he is being caught with his pants down.

Because what is the possible boomerang effect of this measure on parliament that Laveist is talking about? We take it that the electorate is now looking at its elected representatives – expectantly – for their reaction.

There is of course only one reaction that makes sense: follow suit. The salaries of our parliamentarians are way over the top and this is an excellent opportunity to make amends.

From Laveist’s reaction we sense that his enthusiasm for giving up part of his precious remuneration is – to put it kindly – lukewarm at best. Now he has to show what he is made off and he does not like it one bit.

No doubt, the electorate is watching all this with relish.

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