Residence permits expected to yield 2.3 million in 2014

POSTED: 01/9/14 11:22 PM

St. Maarten – The Justice Ministry wants to collect in 2014 2.3 million guilders ($1.28 million) in fees from residence-related permits. The elucidation with the draft budget shows that the ministry expects to handle 6,300 applications this year. Over the past three years, the average number of applications was 10,000, but the budget has taken a conservative view on the expected revenue and lowered its projection by almost 40 percent. The fees are not as hefty as the numbers former Justice Minister Roland Duncan had in mind when he wanted to use the revenue to finance his $100-million Justice Park.

Duncan proposed in November 2012 a 1,500-guilders ($838) residence permit for employees, a 3,000-guilders ($1,676) permit for managers and a 5,000-guilders ($2,793) permit for company directors. Duncan wanted to levy these fees from permit holders on an annual basis.

The proposal that is now in the budget mentions only one flat fee for a permanent residence permit of 750 guilders, and a fee of 500 guilders for a temporary residence permit. For children the proposed fees are 250 and 200 guilders respectively.

The budget-elucidation defines ten categories, including one for re-entry permits. The ministry expects 1,125 applications for permanent residency, and 2,250 applications for a permit for temporary residence.

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Residence permits expected to yield 2.3 million in 2014 by
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