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POSTED: 01/9/14 11:15 PM

Twenty percent of people in the Netherlands never go to a dentist according to data from the Central Bureau for Statistics. The dentist umbrella organization NMT says that this is not a reason for concern “because the cost of healthcare are hardly increasing because if it.”

The NMT says that the majority of people who never go to a dentist have no tooth left, or they have dentures – you know, an artificial set of teeth – the mouth’s alternative to a toupee.

Kids up to the age of two years are not going to the dentist either. People with healthy teeth do not go either.

The NMY forgets to mention another group that avoids the dentist: people who could do with some sort of repair or maintenance to what they carry around in their mouth, but who would rather vacation in North Korea than pay $1,500 for a tooth job.

Dentists have become prohibitively expensive and this way there are shooting themselves in the foot. In St. Maarten, many people who really need work on their teeth go to the Dominican Republic. The cost of flying there, staying in a hotel and have your teeth done still leaves them with money in their pocket compared to a treatment in St. Maarten.

There you have it. The situation on the island at one time became so bad that people threw themselves at the mercy of an illegal dentist – we believe he was holding court in St. Peters or somewhere around there. We don’t remember the man’s nationality – not that it matters – but we do remember the picture the police sent to the media.

It showed some of the equipment the illegal dentist used to treat his clients. Honestly, among his tools was a drill most people use to make holes in a concrete wall. But he probably was cheaper that your regular dentist who robs you of hundreds of dollars with a smile on his face.

Just in case they run out of work, we figure it is time for dentists to reassess their market. They should only charge what the market will bear and in St. Maarten, they have passed that mark a long time ago – to the delight of all the dentists in the Dominican Republic.

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