Editorial: Right move

POSTED: 01/9/14 11:19 PM

In a year when the national budget is groaning under austerity measures, it is only right that our decision makers do their part. The draft budget shows that all ministers will give up 30,000 guilders of the remuneration this year.

The measure has not been heralded in a manner like: look how we are helping to alleviate the country’s financial problems. It has been slipped into the budget low key and that adds an even better feel to it.

This is not a measure our ministers intend to use for political grandstanding – they just did in this case what is the right thing to do.

It remains to be seen whether members of parliament will follow suit. They are the only ones in the country living on other people’s money that nevertheless decide themselves about their income. In this respect, next week’s budget debate will be yet another interesting moment to assess what our parliamentarians are made off.

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