Editorial: Openness

POSTED: 01/9/14 1:55 AM

Being a country is a learning process, we are ready to concede that. So it is with some pleasure that we found the government willing yesterday to finally release the information it requested from the Dutch Council of State about the disputed instruction to Governor Holiday to commission an integrity-investigation.

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams lived up to her New Year’s address-statement about openness in government and offered the information to the media.

The content makes clear why the government was initially reluctant to make the document public. It basically says that the Council of State does not want to get involved in a conflict between the Kingdom and one of its countries.

It also made clear that the Kingdom legislators have to put provisions in place in the Kingdom Charter for settling such disputes. The Charter is from December 15, 1954, and the article that orders legislators to get to work on this issue is therefore almost sixty years old.

Isn’t that something?


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