Editorial: Happy New Year

POSTED: 01/2/14 12:22 AM

The last story of the year was certainly not a happy one – the court rulings in the Michael and Thelma King murders. The outcome is frustrating form the victims’ relatives, for sure and it seems a good idea for our parliament to pay attention to the fallout.

Going into the new year with all kinds of good intentions, parliament’s mission ought to be to kick the criminal code into shape in such a way that criminals get what they deserve and that the community gets its desired level of protection.

Right now, the reluctance to impose life sentences plays into the hands of criminals like Meyshane Johnson. Like the Regatta-killers, Johnson is not all there and one can only guess at what he will be up to by the time the doors of Pointe Blanche open for him in or around 2033.

To wish our readers and clients a happy New Year under these circumstances almost feels like swearing in church. Let’s keep in mind that there is a lot of hard work ahead of us to build a just society – a place where citizens are safe and where criminals are put where they belong.

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