Opinion: Cost of living adjustment

POSTED: 12/30/13 12:48 AM

Dear editor,


Sometime ago I wrote an article in which I stated that the Ministry of Finance is in dire need of immediate help, I am right. The Ministry of Finance was not able to find time to prepare and carry out the process for the pensioners, who are members of the general pension fund of St. Maarten namely the APS, to receive their cost of living adjustment payment. It was done for all of the others, who are entitled to the cola, except for the members of the APS. The pensioners are also in need of their payment.

I am hoping that the Prime Minister is thinking like me on this one, because I need her assistance. I need the Prime Minister as chairlady of the Council of Ministers to instruct the Minister of Finance to do the honorable and right thing. And that is, have the Ministry of Finance carry out the process so that the pensioners of the APS can collect their payment asap.

On this one I don’t want to hear the cliché that each minister is responsible for his or her portfolio. Mike the Prime Minister is a politician and this Minister of Finance is a technocrat. He is more inclined to retain the “sues” in the coffers of government than pay the souls. By the way the management of APS is awaiting the go ahead sign from government.

Todd Peterson

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