Editorial: Decency

POSTED: 12/30/13 12:40 AM

What is it with the Friendly Island and people that just disappear without a trace? We do not have to go back that far in history to find the first such case – Leta Cordes in 2008. In spite of the best efforts by law enforcement and friends, the 49-year old American woman was never found, though there is a strong suspicion that her husband Frank murdered her.

In January 2010, Robert Brous, a 42-year old New Yorker disappeared without a trace, together with a rather expensive rental BMW.

These cases have one thing in common: nobody ever heard of Cordes or Brous again. Now we have a third case on our hands, the disappearance of 24-year old student Manoël Maragnes.

He disappeared on the French side on December 10 and so far, there is no trace of the young man.

Having loved ones disappear like this is unbearable. Whoever had a hand in this could have least have the decency to leave a clue for the family. To those who may have information about Maragnes: do step forward.

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