Killers Helmin Wiels received half a million

POSTED: 12/20/13 12:07 PM

Pro forma hearing brings details about assassination to light

Curacao – The unknown party that commissioned the assassination of Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels paid the killers half a million guilders (close to $280,000). The prosecution suspects Elvis Kuwas, also known under his nickname Monster, of shooting Wiels on May 5. This appears from the first pro forma court session in the Magnus-investigation. Four suspects appeared in the court in Willemstad for the murder yesterday, Anneke Polak reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

Prosecutor Gert Rip says that the investigation against Monster has been completed. “There is sufficient legal and convincing evidence that he shot Wiels.” The 35-year old Kuwas allegedly told three different people that he had killed Wiels. These three people in turn have made statements to this extent to the police.

The investigation against the other three suspects is still ongoing. “The investigation focuses also on other suspects, the actual principals behind the murder who have hired these four suspects. That investigation will only end once they stand before the judge,” Rip said.

From statements made by the prosecutor in court it appears that Kuwas met with Luigi Florentina, aka Pretu (Black) at the day of the murder in the latter’s garage. Present there was also 43-year old Burney Fonseca, who goes in the Koraal Specht district by the name of The Godfather. This is allegedly the man who gave instructions together with Pretu, the man who distributed the weapons and the man who paid the money. This way half a million guilders was allegedly split: Kuwas, the shooter, received 100,000 guilders, while Fonseca split the rest with Pretu. Kuwas did not like the deal: he wanted more money.

Raul Martinez, aka Bolle, allegedly drove the car the killers used. The 28-year old suspect Carlos Pieters was also in this car, the prosecutor said. Martinez and the 24-year old Dangelo Damascus provided the car. Damascus is currently detained in a cell in Barber, Pieter in a cell in Rio Canario. Fonseca and Kuwas are detained in the Sentro di Detenshon i Korekshon Kòrsou (formerly the Bon Futuro prison) to the strong dislike of Kuwas.

Monster has a tattoo on the inside of his right underarm that reads Do or Die is not safe in Block 7B in the prison according to his attorney Saran Inderson. “As you know that place is leaking like a sieve and my clients has to deal on a daily basis with the fact that people would like to kill him,” she said.

Inderson spoke of attempts to poison her clients through the food he receives in the prison. The attorney demands that his food be delivered without his name on it so that nobody knows for whom the food is. Otherwise, Kuwas should be allowed to buy his own food, she added. “My client has lost weight because he does not eat adequately,” she said.

Prosecutor Rip said that it is up to the prison to provide healthy food for Kuwas. When Monster gets the opportunity to say something, he makes the following request: “Every inmate is entitled to food, take care of my food.”

A remarkable request came from the attorney for the youngest defendant. The 24-year old Damascus would like to have a Playstation in his cell, a TV or magazines, because the walls of his cell in Barber are frustrating to him. The request results in commotion among Wiels’ family members in the tribune.

Damascus also wants a transfer to the prison in Koraal Specht or to the prison in Sint Maarten. Prosecutor Rip: “In this case two suspects have already died (Martinez and Florentina – ed.). We do not want more people to die and this defendant has close ties with No Limit Soldiers.” Because one members of this gang is currently detained in Sint Maarten, a transfer to the Pointe Blanche prison is not an option, Rip said.

Fonseca’s attorney Marije Vaders told the court that there is no proof for the allegations against her client. “There are insufficient serious objections to keep him detained any longer,” she said.

The trial is scheduled to take place on May 21, 22 and 23 of next year.

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