No support for Bosman’s Caribbean passport idea

POSTED: 11/28/13 12:24 PM

THE HAGUE – The proposal by the VVD to introduce separate passports for citizens in St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba should lead according to initiator André Bosman to a debate about the passports in the Kingdom. He has not researched whether the introduction of separate passports is legally possible, Jamila Baaziz reports on Caribisch Netwerk. “That is up to the minister,” Bosman.

The VVD-parliamentarian says that he is open for other opinions about his proposal to introduce separate passports. Bosman says that the initiative fits with his initiative-law to demand requirements from immigrants from the Kingdom countries in the Netherlands.

In the Dutch Parliament, Bosman’s idea cannot count on a lot of support. D66, PvdA, CDA and Christian Union have a lot of problems with it. CDA-MP Madeleine van Toorenburg was unable to take the plan serious.

Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk said that he does not see anything in the idea. “We have one nationality and one passport,” he said. The debate continues today.

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No support for Bosman’s Caribbean passport idea by

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