Editorial: Going for gold

POSTED: 11/28/13 12:26 PM

The prosecution is going for gold, so to speak with a demand of life imprisonment for gang leader Omar Jones and his hitman Carlos Richardson.

The prosecution is apparently not impressed by recent rulings from the appeals court – that overturned the life sentence for the Regatta-killers last year – and not impressed either by the ruling from the Constitutional Court that did away with all references to life imprisonment in the draft criminal code.

Solicitor-General Stein did not refer to the Vinter-arrest from the European Human Rights Court that declared life imprisonment inhuman in July if certain conditions are not met. It is certain that the conditions this arrest deems crucial are not in place in St. Maarten.

The outcome of this case will determine the future of life imprisonment in St. Maarten, but we are not there yet. The defense will have something to say, and then the court ruling will come down in about three weeks’ time. After that, we imagine that the party least satisfied with the results will take the case to the Supreme Court in the Hague.

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