Editorial: Closure

POSTED: 11/21/13 1:28 PM

On May 26, 2009 the island was in shock after the brutal and senseless murder of businessman Haresh Dayalani. Indian merchants closed their stores for two days and offered a reward for information and citizens formed a new crime task force. For a long time the investigation yielded no results at all, though in 2010 the prosecutor’s office had its eye on one particular suspect who is currently serving a 16-year sentence for a spate of other crimes.

Frustratingly – for investigators and the victim’s family – there was not enough evidence to charge the suspect.

Yesterday another suspect appeared in court and this time the prosecution thinks it has better chances to obtain a conviction. Due to illness of the defendant’s attorney, the case had to be postponed until March 26 of next year.

That’s a long wait, not only for the suspect, but especially for the victim’s family. But at least, there is now a perspective on closure, something that is not a given for all families of murder victims.

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