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POSTED: 11/15/13 2:53 PM

And we thought we had problems, but that was before we realized that St. Maarten is not Toronto. That place has a mayor better fit for Detroit because his name is Rob Ford, a man who looks like a visit to the gym would do him a lot of good.

Ford has become the center of a local firestorm. Just image how we would handle this if it had been about one of our local politicians (we have fifteen Members of Parliament, seven ministers, one governor and one minister plenipotentiary – just pick any name of your liking and imagine what should happen to your favorite target under similar circumstances).

Ford admitted last week that he had smoked crack on an occasion when he was blind drunk. That confession did not do the office of the major a lot of good in terms of image, especially because the Ford-story spread like wildfire across the globe.

One thing is sure, the embattled mayor announced yesterday: he is not stepping down. Instead he is going to look for “professional help” to deal with his drugs and alcohol intake. Go figure; we always thought that professional help was for people with mental problems, though it cannot be excluded that Ford falls into that category.

Last week the city council pressured Ford to take a leave of absence but he did not want to hear about it. On the contrary, Marvelyne Wiels-style, Ford went on the offensive by threatening to file complaints against former assistants for talking to the police about his drugs habit.

And now a female employee has accused Ford of sexual harassment. Not surprisingly, Ford denied that he harassed the woman.

Hm, only in Toronto? We haven’t gotten further than a gun threat by Romain Laville against Jules James and that story seems to have been conveniently forgotten by those who were supposed to investigate the incident.

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