Editorial: Progress

POSTED: 11/15/13 2:55 PM

To say that Willem-Alexander’s first visit in his role as king was festive but unremarkable is probably an understatement.

While Prime Minister Rutte in July made a firm political statement that basically showed St. Maarten the door, King Willem-Alexander lauded the progress the country has made since his last visit in 2011.

If we reflect on such a statement, in the midst of the integrity-controversy, it may come across as odd. But it is also quite possible that we are all so focused on the things that go wrong, or on what should be done better, that we forget about the things that go right.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating our achievements, as long as we do not become blind to our shortcomings. With us, many citizens will feel that we have still quite some work to do in that field.

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