Opinion: Marvelous Marvelyne

POSTED: 11/14/13 12:51 PM

Curacao’s Minister Plenipotentiary’s attempt to set the record straight during a press conference in Fort Amsterdam yesterday hopelessly backfired. With Prime Minister Ivar Asjes by her side, Marvelyne Wiels offered nothing of substance to feed the thought that Caribisch Netwerk correspondent Dick Drayer was wrong with his claims that she lied in her curriculum about the function she once held at the ABN Amro Bank.

A story in the Antilliaans Dagblad earlier suggested that Wiels had announced she would provide proof of her bona fides, but she never came up with the goods. At yesterday’s press conference Wiels suddenly turned away from this position and said that Drayer would have to provide the evidence.

This is obviously the world upside down. That Wiels added a melodramatic note (“First they killed my brother, now they want to kill me professionally”) did not help at all, because it fed the suggestion that she really was not prepared to put all her cards on the table.

This way, the press conference did not meet its objective, which was obviously to clear the name of the beleaguered Minister Plenipotentiary. In any other country, proof of the contrary of false claims would have been provided within hours – or the accused official would have left office in a hurry.

Apparently, Prime Minister Asjes cannot afford to lose Wiels, most likely out of fear of offending the Pueblo Soberano crowd that is still (and understandably) hurting from the assassination of its leader.

By not providing anything of substance at all Wiels has reinforced the impression that Drayer, whom we know as a solid journalist, is right on the  money with his story but that the truth is too hot to handle for the government in Willemstad.

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  1. John Baselmans says:

    All prove can be found and who is mrs Wiels


  2. Frieda Pais says:

    of course Dick Drayer has it right. The lady is nothing but a liar and trying to blame her own failures on others. Not only shouldn’t she be a Minister but I wouldn’t take her as a secretary with those habits.

  3. John Baselmans says:

    Mrs Wiels will be tolerated till the end because she knows too much from mr. Asjes! The connection Asjes with mr Schotte is not what he want to share with us. Even that he betrayed mr wiels and do not want to tell us what names on that little paper in the studio of mr wiels.

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