Arrindell: support victims typhoon in the Philippines

POSTED: 11/12/13 11:28 AM

St. Maarten –Last week Friday’s super typhoon Haiyan caused catastrophic damage to part of the island-chain of the Philippines. Parliament President Gracita Arrindell expressed in a press release support for legitimate relief efforts.

The number of causalities in the Philippines has been estimated at over 10,000 in one city, but that figure is expected to rise as many areas become more accessible.

“We can recall the devastation that our island suffered after Hurricane Luis in 1995.  As a people we can understand what these people are going through, but their storm was much stronger than ours, so you can imagine,” Arrindell stated.

“One can expect that some form of relief effort will be started in the coming days, and we should support legitimate relief efforts that are to help the people of the Philippines,” she added

More than 660,000 people reportedly have been displaced and 9.8 million have been affected by the passing of the typhoon described as the worst storm system to ever impact a country.

“A major airlift effort is underway in the impacted area as critical relief operations move forward.  Many communities are difficult to reach as roads, airports and bridges were destroyed or blocked with debris.

“Let’s keep the victims of the Philippines in our prayers and pray for their loved ones living on other parts of the island-chain that were not affected and those living abroad.  Without a doubt they are worried about their families living in the impacted areas,” Arrindell stated.

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