Opinion: Friendly hackers

POSTED: 11/8/13 3:04 PM

Here is a tip for smart youngsters with a feel for computer technology. Microsoft and Facebook are investing in a new initiative that rewards hackers for finding weaknesses in internet security. Friendly hackers are able to earn thousands of dollars with Internet Bug Bounty.’

Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay and Mozilla regularly offer rewards for hackers that find bugs. The interesting thing about Internet Bug Bounty is that it is about general internet software like Perl, PHP, Python, OpenSSL and Apache.

A security investigator for Microsoft said that many of the company’s users are very much alike and that it therefore makes sense to join forces to make the internet more secure for everyone.

Microsoft and Facebook offer rewards from $300 to $5,000 under the Internet Bug Bounty program. Something for friendly hackers from the Friendly Island?

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