Minister Lake says Vromi already trimming budget with car policy

POSTED: 11/8/13 2:59 PM

St. Maarten – Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure (Vromi) Maurice Lake says the government has a vehicle policy where cars and trucks should be parked up at their work area or by their office facility at the end of the work day.

“Government for the 2014 national budget has to cut its budget by Naf.20 million.  I have started within my ministry and have instructed the Secretary General which is the first top civil servant to take the lead by meeting with all department heads and let them make a schedule which civil servant needs a vehicle during the day or weekend,” the minister declared.

“I believe if you are not working or carrying out an assignment, why should you need a vehicle?  I think all secretary generals of all ministries should enforce this policy and not just talk about that there is a policy.  Execution is key!

“Only personnel who are on call one can understand will need a vehicle to carry out their tasks, but the other fleet of vehicles throughout the government organization, I’m sure some if not many can be parked at their office until the next morning 8.00am.

“We have to look seriously within to cut our costs.  We have a policy on paper and now it has to be executed, and it is the responsibility of every minister to sit down with their Secretary General and draft a plan of action.  This is a back to basics approach.

“Government has to take the lead in cutting its own costs.  Turn off office lights at the end of the day.  Change the bulbs and lights that we use to energy saving ones.  We also need to cut down on renting various offices by bundling some together for the short to mid-term.

“Government has to take the lead by also cutting back on un-necessary travel and joining un-necessary organizations and associations abroad that has no real return on investment.

“We need strict enforcement and adherence, and we need all ministries working in the same direction as well, and together we will make a difference,” Minister Lake concluded on Wednesday.


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