Minister Lake visits Cay Hill shantytown

POSTED: 10/28/13 12:28 PM


Minister Maurice Lake (third from left) with Cay Hill Community Council reps, the community police officer, residents and Vromi-Ministry employees come down the hill after visiting the hillside shantytown. DCOMM Photo

St. Maarten – Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake met last week with the Cay Hill Community Council to discuss concerns about community infrastructure.  The visit also included a walk-through in the shantytown on the hillside.  A follow-up meeting is planned with the council.

Council members spoke about the resurfacing of the Welgelegen Road, about wastewater running down the Puma road, about drainage problems, garbage bins, parking; and stray dogs.

The council also talked with the minister about the sewage plant at the executive building in Cay Hill. Repairs need to be carried out to prevent raw sewage from running on the streets.

The walk-through in the shantytown revealed that some dwellings are built too close to each other, that there is no space for emergency vehicles to reach the area and that wastewater is running through the neighborhood.

The Council has asked a piece of government land to build a Community Center near the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex.

The Community Council would like residents to park their vehicles in their yards rather on the street.  Cleaning of sidewalks in front of homes, is an individual responsibility, council members said.

Minister Lake agreed that every resident should have pride and keep surroundings clean.  “If everybody did their bit, it would result in an new outlook for the neighborhood where everybody is a part of and has a stake in. “I had a fruitful meeting with the community representatives.  My back to basics approach includes meeting with the various community councils and maintaining an open, regular and transparent dialogue with them,” the minister said.

“The issues brought forward and those that I have observed during the walk-through will be drafted into a plan of action by my cabinet and ministry and executed in a timely manner,” the minister added.

The community police officer, residents and representatives from the Vromi-Ministry took part in the walk-through.



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