Editorial: Make love, not war

POSTED: 10/24/13 5:49 PM

The demand by the prosecution of 10-year imprisonment against a girl who is just 17 years old sends a strong message to the younger members of our community. It is a strong call on young people to solve their differences in a peaceful manner, not with violence.

One moment of blind anger has now thrown the lives of two families in turmoil. The victim is no longer around while the girl that administered the fatal stabs will be incarcerated for at least the foreseeable future.

That prison is no place to be for a girl so young will make sense to most people. However, citizens do not end up in prison for being nice to others.

Another aspect worth thinking about is – again – the lack of a proper youth detention facility. That could still move the court to show some leniency in its sentence in November 13.

The bottom line is however to be found in a slogan from the hippie-era of last century: make love, not war.


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